Path of a Dianic Priestess

Path of a Dianic Priestess
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great Goddess Hestia I Give Thanks For My Home & Family

When we think of Hestia we think of the One Who Keeps The Home Fires Burning.   In ancient times the fire could literally mean life and death.   During the winter if the fire went out you could freeze.   Today I gathered with Loved Ones who celebrate Thanksgiving.   I am thankful for them, for they are some of the very ones who keep my fires going.  

My Grandmother was there.   She will be 92 in January.   She has always warmed my heart like no other can.   She spent alot of time with my when I was you.   I was fortunate to have her in my life while she was still active.   It was she who taught me my love of plants and gems and minerals.   O, how I yearn to taste her pork chops and gravy.  Tonight I asked her what it was she put in the batter to make them so good.   She said it has been so long since she cooked that she doesn't remember.    Her body is now small and fragile but she inspires me to keep going.   She and my Grandfather taught me unconditional Love.   Whenever I would go to leave their home from a visit they would always encourage me not to rush off and to hurry back.   And they meant it!

My Sister was there.   She keeps my fires burning in a more day to day way.   She has overcome many physical ailments and she keeps going and keeps a positive attitude.   She is the voice of reason I can always count on when I am feeling low or needing another prospective.   Her honesty is refreshing in a world of folks who tend to sugar coat things.   She keeps my fires going by holding up a mirror when I need one.   She is my reflection when I can't see it for myself.

William & Corman were there.   They represent the fires burning for the future.  They are my young nephews.   In them I see continuation of family traditions and traits.   William reflects my Grandfather for whom he was named after.   He is very technical and mechanical minded.   Corman is charming and personable.   All smiles!   They represent the true magic, the best of the best continuing on.   They are the fires warm my heart.

I left the gathering and came home.   To my home that which keeps me protected against the elements.   It is here that the fires of my heart burn and smolder.   I share this home with my Beloved Daugther and Her Fiance and the BeLoved Fuzzy Babies.   They keep the embers of my fire going even when it is about to burn out.   My Daughter has been the very reason that I have lived through some difficult times.   It was for her that I did not give up.   She was the fire that warmed me to walk in the cold and winds of adversity.   It was for her that I became a source of fire.   It is her flame and that of my other BeLoveds that keeps my heart going now.   Times have been difficult this past year but it is still for her I continue on.   I must be the fire that nutures her and enables her to be protected so that she may grow and prosper.

In Honor of the Goddess Hestia I light a candle in thanks for my fires!    The story continues........

©November 2011

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