Path of a Dianic Priestess

Path of a Dianic Priestess
Come on in the water is fine......

Monday, July 20, 2015

Living & Loving

My faith tells me that I am a record keeper and one who continues the traditions by teaching.  I have noticed than when I offer condolences, congratulations, or blessings via social media I tend to type Live instead of Love.   The light bulb went on for me.  Goddess is reminding us we must continue to Live and be vibrant.  It is through our Living that we share and grow our Love.  

My choice of employment puts me in continuous contact with the worst our society has to offer.   I share this with you because at times, I become a spirit that wishes to withdraw from others instead of interacting with others.  This is where the Goddess is teaching me on so many levels.  She is reminding me of my sacred duty to continue to share her ways with those who wish to learn.  She is reminding me of the importance of celebration. 

This learning to remember to celebrate is another step I take along my Path.  I celebrate and by doing so teach others of Her traditions.  Teaching and learning best occur through doing something.   This Priestess is in the process of learning and completing the circle with the upcoming celebration of the Lammas.  Hope to share the loaves and blessings with you as I continue to walk the Path of a Dianic Priestess....

Sunday, July 12, 2015


I like pretty sparkly things.  Gifts from the Goddess.  My personal altars have crystals upon them.  My yard has flowers and shrubs.   They adorn Mother Nature.   Crystals, flowers, shells, and gemstones are what I choose to adorn my body and Temple.
I see a disturbing trend where women feel the need to surgically altar their appearance in the name of adornment.  Although I fully support an adult's right to the mutilzation of their choice, something is terribly wrong here.   Why do some feel they are less of a person based on the shape of their nose and lips or the size of their breasts and stomachs?
I pray for a time when women value and view themselves as Goddesses.  They is beauty in each of us.  Take a few minutes to recognize the beauty of the individuality of your Sisters.