Path of a Dianic Priestess

Path of a Dianic Priestess
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's All About the Love

A new calander year has come and with it new adventures and challenges.    I consulted the Tarot for a guide to the year to come and the message for me was "Surround yourself with those and that which you Love" and "Continue your formal Priestess training."   A much BeLoved one often reminds me of the importance of relaxation and feeling good.    Ok, I get it, all work and no play makes for a burned out Priestess.   I have committed to making this year a focus on me.

I am reviving my community Pagan life with my Temple in the Timbers page on Facebook.   Being more active with practicing my rituals makes me happy and gives me a sense of inner peace.   Between this blog and Facebook my rituals and practices will be documented for those who may wish to use them as a guide.   I am thinking of the future, the Grandchildren.   If I document my Path as I walk it they will have it for reference if they want it.  

I leave you now with this photo of some of those that I Love and cherish, afterall, It's All About the Love!!

©January 2012

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