Path of a Dianic Priestess

Path of a Dianic Priestess
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Grandmother Spider

Consider the connectedness of us all.  In 2004 a group called The Foundry and the Spring recorded a Goddess chant titled 81 Goddesses.   This group also produced a set of beads that had 81 stone beads, one for each Goddess and a large Goddess bead in silver.   The Goddess bead was matched to stones that best represented Her attributes.  Corn Maiden with Aventurine stones called to me. 

I had used the internet to find a local shop to purchase Pagan wares.  I was led to a shop run by Ginger.   My home soon resembled Ginger's shop.  Here I purchased my first Goddess Statue, many candles, oils, herbs, books, and 81 Goddesses prayer beads and cd. 

The internet intoduced me to something called Yahoo Groups.   It was there that I found a group belonging to Z Budapest who haf written a book I purchased in the mid 1990's called The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries.  This group helped guide and shape my understanding of Women's Spirituality.  I had found a home. 

Amy had found a home in Z's group, too.  Amy began to experience difficulties and asked for help both spiritually and mundanely.  Amy was in South Carolina.   I was in South Carolina.   Financially I was in a good place and willing to help Amy.   The only problem was I was unable to travel to the coast.   Mary was in the group and worked with a Pagan foodbank in the area where Amy lived. 

I contacted Mary and gave her Amy's information.   Mary provided me with an address to send a check to help replenish the supplies.  Mary and I began to correspond outside of the group.  I knew right away that she was a good person.  I liked Mary.  She didn't seem to be put off by my profession.  Even though we hadn't met in person, I knew from the phone conversations and email correspondene that I had a Sister in Goddess Spirituality right here in South Carolina. 

Flash forward to February 2013.  My much treasured and beloved Grandmother had crossed the veil the month before. Back pain had me physically in a bad place.  My Grandmother's departure and concern over a situation involving another loved one had left me emotionally drained.   Mary was singing with a group at an interfaith event at Newberry College.  I went thinking this would bring some light to my dark days. 

Indeed there was light in Newberry for me.  It was here that I met Mary in person, though very briefly.   I also met in person Holli who has been a tremendous asset to promoting Interfaith tolerance and understanding.   Holli was a friend of Mary's and I knew of her work in the Columbia area. Holli had introduced me to an interfaith women's group that met once a month. 

My demanding work schedule has resulted in me not attending meetings for several years.  In those few meeting I had the priveledge to attend a meeting at the local Ba'hai center.  Those ladies are some of the most sincerely welcoming people I have ever met. I also met a lady named Sister Nancy.   Sister Nancy is a Sister both figuratively and literally.  She is a Nun in the Catholic faith.  I spoke with my Mother and told her how much I enjoyed Sister Nancy's presentation on the many ways our faiths bring love and compassion.   Momma was already familliar with Sister Nancy.   She had been present when my Grandfather crossed the veil at the hospital where she worked almost a decade before.  The connections the Goddess gives us are everywhere. 

Now we are in March 2015.  Mary invited me to Kirtan and suggested we ride together.  During the trip we were discussing her jewelry making and I learned she was involved in the 81 Goddesses project.   My jaw dropped in amazement at the connectedness.   I could see the many threads that Goddess spun and attached from so long ago.   

Tonight I sit and wonder, will one of us be needing the gift that Goddess gave each of us as our area of specialty and theme.  Perhaps She introduced us because our skill sets are complimentary and we are meant to be mirrors that reflect those in need of our individual gifts to each other.  Maybe we are just two really cool people with simillar beliefs and likes.  Either way, I strongly feel the Goddess at work.

Whether you call her Grandmother Spider, Araidne, or the Fates one thing is certain, She is present and working in and through our lives for the benefit and betterment of us.  Our challenge is to hear Her soft voice call.  I listen as I continue along my Path......

©March 2015

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