Path of a Dianic Priestess

Path of a Dianic Priestess
Come on in the water is fine......

Monday, September 4, 2017

A New Day, A Full Moon, & Reminders

This day is done and the Moon is a little over twenty four hours from being full.    It's amazing how much a gentle reminder can bring inspiration in the face of exhaustion.   My body is full much like the growing Moon.   Physical ailments are reminding me sacred self care is in order.   When I get busy helping others I forget to help myself.    Seeing a picture of Lindsey reminded me of a number she gave me.    In her final hours she was quietly reaching out.   Later this evening a dear friend of the family commented on the amount of strength women have especially when faced with disaster.   The new problem solvers will soon be here.   It is a new day.  Command and Control.... I have returned to the Path... I bring every ounce my life force... The Priestess rises!!!!

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